Fun and Interesting Facts of Indian Restaurants in Victoria BC

Guilt-inducing or not, Eating Well’s very existence underscores the changes underway at food magazines. In one way or another, each is striving to provide readers with more tips on preparing and eating healthier foods.

Food is definitely a universal language. People all over the world love it, have it and can talk about it for hours! But how well do you know about Indian Food? Let’s take a quick peek into some fun and interesting facts about Indian Cuisine.

  • India produces the largest variety of spices compared to any other country in the World ( Yes,
  • Staple ingredients of Indian cuisine like potato, tomato and chilli don’t have Indian origin. They were brought to India by the Portuguese. (Whatt??!!)
  • Do you know the origin of your favorite, Chicken Tikka? Well, this popular dish in India is not an Indian origin. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • It is known that the first Indian restaurant in the USA was opened in around the 1960s. The
    statistics are astonishing today. Any guesses? Well, well.. There are about 80,000 Indian
    Restaurants in America! (Oh yeah)
  • Have you heard about the Indian Theory yet? According to this theory, our food has six different flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent and spicy. A perfect Indian meal has a balance of all these 6 flavours with of course one or two standing out. So next time you eat your favourite Indian cuisine, you really know what to look for and how to judge it, eh?
  • Any celebration in India is complete without the authentic Indian desert like ‘Mithais, Ras
    Malais, Gulab Jamuns and Rice Puddings’. They  are definitely an important part of Indian cuisine and celebrations. Deserts like Gulab Jamuns, are must-serve at important ceremonies like weddings. According to Indian tradition, a wedding is not over until one of these desserts are served.

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